Harroula Mathiopoulou Bilali - Πρόεδρος W.H.E.F

Molecular biologist specialized in Reproductive Health. Founder & CEO of Ferticeutics Co, a medical/ pharma company that provides advanced health and fertility therapeutics. Founding partner of Bilalis Women’s Health Clinic, which combines cutting-edge medical science with integrative care in Assisted Reproduction and Pregnancy.

More than 15 years now, active as a health educator and fertility consultant. Proclaimed medical communicator. Continuously being educated on various health topics, with a special interest in human reproduction, pregnancy, family health, health IT and health management. As a women’s health specialist, my purpose is to inspire women to take charge of their health and fertility management. Married to Dr. Dimitris Bilalis and proud mom of two girls.

Harroula Mathiopoulou Bilali